Project Arcade

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Project Arcade is a set of game titles generated by AI, attached to an Arcade Machine.

Game logo, cabinet art, developer name, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for you to interpret and create.

Feel free to use an Arcade Machine in any way you want.

Arcade Machine

Project Arcade

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How many Arcade Machines can I mint?

The limit is 2 per wallet.

When is the next Project Arcade drop?

We will release the first Arcade Machines on Wednesday, October 20th.

How much does it cost to mint an Arcade Machine?

It's free. You only have to pay for gas on Ethereum mainnet.

Can I play these games?

No. But hopefully the community will collaboratively create (and own) game art, characters, stories, worlds. Built, evolved and played by all of us!

How many Arcade Machines are there in total?

There are 3000 Arcade Machines in total, of which 210 are reserved for the founding team.